If you are considering redesigning or just about to build your website, one of the most important page that you need to optimize, is your homepage. Your homepage serves as the virtual front door of your business.

Your homepage gets more traffic than any of the other pages of your website. So, you must have it optimize as much as possible. When I said, “optimized as much as possible” I didn’t mean to overwhelm it with all of the contents.

Here are 12 must have elements in your homepage:


First things first, you should have a logo on your front page. Your logo serves as your identity proof. When your visitor gets to your website, like for example, from your business card, the first thing they will have in mind is to make sure they are in the right place. So be sure to have your website logo is consistent with all of your marketing materials.


Make sure that your site is easy to navigate. Have your primary visible in all pages most especially on your front page. Your visitors don’t have time to look for your hidden menus.


Did you know that you only have few seconds to grab your visitors’ attention to make them stay and take action? YES, only a few seconds (5 seconds in average). Have an eye-catching headline. Have this as a summary of the value you offer. Keep it clear and straightforward, no bluffing.


This will be a short description to your headline. Make it brief and straight forward. Make sure that it talks directly to your audience and trigger them to take action. Target the pain point of your target market.


Have a 2-3 call to actions in your homepage. The primary purpose of your homepage is to make visitors dig deeper into your website, visit other pages, and take action. This will be the first stage in bringing them to your sales funnel.


Visual is everything. Add pictures, graphics, or videos that are relative to your services and products. Use visuals to capture the attention and emotion of your visitors. Make sure they are optimized and high quality. Do not use irrelevant cheesy stock photos.


Most of your visitors are not ready to buy yet. Make sure you do have some freebie or samples of what you offer to capture their contact details that you can use for following up. If they like your freebie, they will surely be intrigued what you can do on your paid offer. By this, you can turn cold leads into warm leads. Remember, when you do follow ups, make sure you give value and build relation first, do not be too salesy.


Have a summary of the advantages they can get from having you or buying from you. What makes you stand out from your competitors? What will be your value to their business?


Show them what you’ve got. Include at least 8 of your recent projects. This will give them more idea of what type of project you can get done.


Show them proof! Display the best testimonials you’ve got from your past clients. This will help you build your credibility and make good first impression. Adding photos of your past clients makes it even better.


Make sure that you have your social media profiles linked to your website and vice versa. Make sure that you make it easier for your visitors to find your social media links where they can follow you.


Have your contact information visible in your homepage. In fact, have your contact information visible in all of your pages.


Have you got them all on your homepage? If not, it’s time to redo your homepage. Before doing or redoing anything, make sure you know your target market. Build your buyers’ persona first. Once you’ve done that, I’ll assure you; it would be easier for you to create your homepage.

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